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AURIA, is not just a bed, it's a sleep machine. . .

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Why would you heat or cool a 1,600 square foot home, when you are sleeping in 60 square feet?
That's 26 times the volume of air that needs to be processed. You are throwing your money out the window.

The Inside Story

Sleep Research Technologies has been hard at work over the past five (5) years to design and create the best sleeping system available anywhere at any price. We looked at all of the ill conceived "so called" sleeping cool solutions like the ever popular "cool gel infused" mattresses promoted by most mattress manufactures as well as countless other concepts like blowing air through the mattress, circulating water on top of the mattress and other marketing ploys that simply do not work as advertised. Don't be fooled by the hype and gimmicks, Sleep Research Technologies AURIA Climate Controlled Sleep System actually delivers cool, restorative, natural sleep and is guaranteed to save energy costs while giving you a perfect night's sleep, every night. "Better Sleep - Better Health - Better Life"

Your Prescription For Better Health

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The AURIA Climate Controlled Sleep System provides significant relief from allergies, asthma and other breathing issues related to pollution and particulates. Air passes continuously through a Type-A filtration system, providing you with crisp, clean, dry, filtered air.

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No more sweating, tossing or turning in the hottest time of the year. Our patent pending "Cool Sleep" technology provides just the right temperature for the most restful sleep possible.



The AURIA has been shown to reduce symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats, which cause nocturnal awakenings and can lead to other complications such as insomnia, depression and weight gain. We have designed the AURIA system to deliver cool, clean, high quality air, efficiently and quietly. Our whisper quiet technology is tuned to a resonant frequency of 125Hz, which has been shown to be highly conducive to deeper and more restorative sleep cycles.

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The AURIA Climate Controlled Sleep System literally pays for itself in about 4 - 6 years. Adjusting your whole house thermostat up by 6 - 8 degrees during the night can realize an energy cost savings of 27% or more, while extending the life of your primary home cooling system by 30%, making the AURIA Climate Controlled Sleep System one of the "greenest" products in the industry.


At the heart of the AURIA system is our new, robust SRT9000 climate control module that delivers a minimum of minus fourteen (14) degree differential from the ambient room temperature. The AURIA Climate Controlled Sleep System is designed and constructed to the highest industry standards using quality materials and expert American craftsmanship.

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