What is AURIA?  it's not just a bed, it's a sleep machine. . .

The National Sleep Foundation, sleep doctors and sleep specialists agree that temperatures between 60° and 67°F are the ideal sleeping conditions for the most restorative sleep. AURIA delivers this and more. AURIA produces a “Micro Climate” of cool, dry, clean filtered air, over and around the sleeper. Delivering true filtered air-conditioning from our patented SRT9000 Cooling Module (not a swamp cooler). You can use any manufactures mattress or use your existing mattress on any AURIA product. Dual zone models allow separate temperature control on each side of the bed. Sleep at your desired temperature, mom can sleep at 62˚ while dad sleeps at 78˚. AURIA delivers relief from menopausal symptoms, reduces night sweats & hot flashes, removes moisture & humidity from your sleeping environment, provides significant relief from allergies by removing pollen & particulates, delivering natural sleep (no drugs) all while saving you energy costs.

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AURIA II Dual Zone / Retrofit System

The AURIA II Dual Zone Retrofit System utilizes the same under the platform SRT9000 Cooling Module as our furniture models. Delivering cool, dry, clean filtered air over and around the sleeper. With the AURIA II Dual Zone there is no need for a "Special Mattress", no "Silly Pads", no unsightly wires or machines cluttering your bedroom. Using your existing mattress and furniture the AURIA II Dual Zone mounts to the wall behind your existing headboard & requires only 2-1/2" of space. Fitting most King, Cal King & Queen size headboards up to 6" thick with height adjustment between 32" - 70" high. The automated air canopies hide away behind the headboard when not in use.                    Available summer 2024

Wake Up Awesome

Cooling the body externally can make you feel more comfortable and help you to fall asleep however, sleep scientists now understand that by breathing in air that is 35 degrees lower than our body temperature we can achieve the condition known as “Thermo-Neutrality” which allows reaching REM sleep faster and remaining thermally balanced throughout the entire sleep cycle. AURIA creates an environment free of pollution and particulates by continuously filtering the air through our patented SRT9000 Climate Control Module. Every fifteen (15) seconds the air is processed and filtered through the SRT9000 and gently cascades from the headboard, continuously recirculating over and around the sleeper. By simply adjusting your whole house thermostat up by 6 - 8 degrees during the night you can realize an energy cost savings of 27% or more, while extending the life of your primary home cooling system by 25-35%.


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