Hear what your neighbors are saying. . .


"I am sleeping much deeper and have more energy with my new AURIA Climate Controlled Sleep System, and have already saved on my electric bill. Many thanks to Sleep Research Technologies for an awesome life changing product.                                                                                                          Kyle Ridgway / LHCPD

"My high end, cool gel infused, foam mattress really didn't keep the wife and I any cooler than our old mattress, until we put it on our new AURIA bed system. We are now sleeping better than any time in our lives. This system actually works."                                                                              Mr. & Mrs. Steven Yates

"I originally purchased the AURIA System for my wife because she had problems sleeping to hot. To my surprise, the AURIA Climate Controlled Sleep System made as much of a difference in my sleep. I use to only get around four hours of sleep per night, now I get a solid seven to eight hours."                                                                                                                                                                          Lake Havasu City Resident